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Don't ask me why I'm wearing a t-shirt in the snow. I just thought it looked cool haha. 

If you don't know already, my full name is Myles Alexis Raymond Berrio-hartfield. I know. Thank my hispanic heritage on my dad's side for that one. You probably want to hear the traditional, "How much I love photography" spiel, but let's be honest. If you can't tell photography has my heart by now, I've done a terrible job on my part. I'll be more than happy to speak to you personally about how much I truly believe photography flows through my veins. 


Funny enough, I never even thought twice about photography growing up. I didn't go to school for it, never had mom and dad's old film camera to play with, and I definitely wouldn't have thought of it as a career choice. 

I came to Atlanta after attending the University of Georgia to do marketing consulting. I ended up buying a camera of my own, in order to simply cut business costs of contracting out photographer friends of mine for the projects I worked on with various clients. 

Little did I know, would photography change my life forever. I don't go a day without waking up inspired and excited to create the most exhilarating experience and work between a simple piece of glass and my imagination. 

But like I said, I'm sure every photographer rants about their love for photography. I actually want to end with this.

If you are considering having me as your wedding photography, please consider this as well. I am drawn to the reality of you and your love being yourself. What stimulates my mind to create the most beautiful images I can, is not checking Pinterest to give you photos already created several times over, it's creating an environment where you two can be and do all of the things you guys love to do.

If you hold him a certain way, do that. If you bite her ear, because it annoys her in the name of love, do that. 

Whoever you guys are before a camera is pointing at your face, be that. I don't want to focus on giving you the "perfect photo" (whatever that even means). My focus is, though, to give you two photos that perfectly describe who you are together. Whether that's classy and fancy, goofy and weird, or adventurous and touchy-feely. 

Hiring me as your photographer means not just "candids", because let's face it. Even "uncle bob" with a point and shoot could snap a shot of someone trying to find their seat at your wedding.

It's even more than that. It's finding your friends and family in the crowd during the ceremony balling their eyes out. It's capturing your dad letting loose on the dance floor, even if that means twerking. (Oh, trust me, it's happened.)

If you intend on just handing me a shot list or here to just price shop, I will of course, ABSOLUTELY, respect you and your love's wishes. 

Although, also respectively, I'm most likely not the best photographer for you. I can't promise the same work you see from me and other couples, but if you trust me to be creative and engaging.

If you and your love are kind of obsessed with each other, I can promise to give you photos you will not want to just post on social media. These are the photos you'll want to put in your wallet, bathroom mirror, dashboard of your car, inside of your watch, your future kids' pillows, custom printed on your toilet paper...

Alright, that might be too far. You get what I mean! 

So, if you've read this far, I'm sure you actually want to hear from me and likewise from me to you! So, let's chat. Let's be ourselves. Let's enjoy this process together! 


Also, side note. If you want to check out my other love as a “job”, I’m a vacation rental host as well!

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