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2018 Workshop Recap Video

2018 Photography Workshop Video Recap + Package


For more detailed information about what is all offered in this video recap and package, just click on the thumbnail image! 

2018 Full-Version Video Photography Workshop Recap + Package by Myles Berrio (Over 3+ Hours)!
49.99 499.99

Over 3 hours of video footage of this year’s workshop on growing your photography business. I only do 1 workshop a year and you now have the opportunity to watch it not only from the comfort of your own home, but again and again. To even make this deal even more amazing and ridiculous, it includes the entire PowerPoint slide a showed during the workshop. Over 3 Hours of video + the slides to go with it, and it doesn’t stop there. If you’ve ever wanted to see my actual pricing and break down, I’ve included the actual pricing PDF I share with my clients when they inquire through my website. You’d think I’d stop there for just $50, but I’ve also included another workbook guide I print out and use with my “Ultimate Journey” one-on-one mentoring students. 4 Incredibly valuable items in 1!

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