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What They Won't Tell You About HoneyBook

50% off an entire year with HoneyBook by clicking the image above! My little treat to you! :D

50% off an entire year with HoneyBook by clicking the image above! My little treat to you! :D



"HoneyBook helps you book your ideal client faster, more frequently, and with less legwork."

I absolutely agree with this statement, and before I entered in to the HoneyBook family, I have absolutely no idea how I was running my business. 

My guess is, you're probably either in-between pulling your hair out or constantly contemplating hiring an assistant full-time to relief you of the chaos of managing your business all by yourself.

On the contrary, maybe you've been in your industry for some time now, and feel that you've successfully combined a good automation system and team already. Trust me, there's something here for you to consider as well, that could help the trajectory of your business even more.

If you haven't already checked out the Rising Tide Society, I would highly do so, but that is where I first heard about HoneyBook. It's an incredibly powerful business management platform that was designed by creatives, for creatives like you and I. 

You've probably heard of other business management platforms, or did your research on all of the different types of platform options that exist. 

So, I'm not really going to talk about all of the different features HoneyBook offers or why I think you should literally sign up with them today, because their website does that well enough.

I'm actually going to share with you 3 things people aren't telling you about HoneyBook that make not adding this software to your business, as scary as avoiding to pay your taxes.

Their "Pipeline" Feature

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 3.20.21 PM.png


I had a mentor that would always tell me, 

Myles, if you don't know your numbers, then you can't grow your business.

Think of it this way. If you don't know how many clients you booked last month, how can you tell whether or not your business is actually growing towards your goal or not?

For example, week 1 you had 6 inquires and booked 2 clients. The next week you had 9 new inquires and booked 0 clients, but the 3rd week you had 3 clients who booked from the previous 9 inquires the week before. The last week of the month you had 1 new inquiry that also booked that same week. 

On the surface it really looks like your business is doing well. Although, well compared to what? If you look at the numbers you had 6 clients booked out of 16 inquires, which is less than 38% or you can see it as more than half of the people that are reaching out to you are not wanting to work with you for some reason or another. 

Now, if you want to talk about whether or not your business is growing or dying let's throw in a specific goal this time. You wanted to book 10 clients that month. Again, without seeing numbers, on the surface it looked like there was a lot of positive activity, but in reality person x barely hit half of their goal.

I know. This sounds quite discouraging. Although it doesn't have to be, and that's where HoneyBook comes in to play.

Their pipeline feature is a user friendly and interactive display of how your business is doing. It incorporates a customizable workflow so that you can either automate or manual keep track of every client process from beginning to end, and it visibly shows you those numbers.

You can see how many inquires you have, the amount of active projects you're working on, and even how many clients have made their final payments. For any business person, this is a no-brainer game changer, and for any creative, the same, times a million. 

No More Double-booking Conversations

Let me tell you about a real story. 

Early one afternoon while me and a friend of mine were editing photos together, she stopped me for a second and said,

Myles, I have to tell you something about one of my clients, they don't even know about yet.
Wait, this sounds bad. Is it bad?
Yeah... It is...

Long story short, my friend had booked a destination wedding out of town. One of her really good friends, also roommate, had a surprise proposal from her fiancé right inside the house they were living in. Naturally of course, as her roommate loves her energy and her work as a photographer, my friend not only shot their engagement photos, but also booked their wedding. 

After her response confirming bad news, she proceeded to share with me how her roommate and soon to be husband are pretty far along with their wedding planning and payments, and she recently just found something out.

She accidentally booked them on the very same day as her previously booked destination wedding. 

As if a nightmare couldn't be traumatizing enough when we're asleep. 

Fortunately for her, she doesn't work alone in her photography business and is working out a plan to figure out a solution, but unfortunately for the couple, they soon, still, will have to bear the bad news and experience having their one day out of 365 days be in conflict with another couple's wedding.

For privacy reasons I won't mention the other business management software she was using, but could you take a guess at what software she was not using at the time? 

You got it. She never had a HoneyBook account.

One of my favorite notifications from HoneyBook, other than a fun pay-day message, is when HoneyBook notifies you immediately whether or not a date someone is inquiring about conflicts with a previous booking you've already made. 

So, if I were you, no one is really talking about double-bookings, but this is an enormous advantage when working your business through HoneyBook and a total life-saver for never having to have that conversation again.

Community Over Competition

Gallery of creative community reposted from  Nataliefranke.com

Gallery of creative community reposted from Nataliefranke.com



When you sign up for business management software, you get software.

When you sign up for HoneyBook, you join a family.

If you're anything like me, you understand the power of having a supportive family and community that wants to see you thrive and win.

When you are a part of the HoneyBook community, you'll constantly feel that their mission is to empower the creative economy to rise together, especially through their Rising Tide Society partnership.

We've all been there in the creative industry coming across those who run their business out of the fear that their fellow creatives will steal their ideas or take their business.

This is by far, the last thing HoneyBook is focused on. Their core values are aligned with Rising Tide Society's in that they are only as strong as their communities are. 

We believe that when creatives rise, the world is changed for the better. - Rising Tide Society

I mean you're talking about a business management company that focuses on facilitating projects like Pencils of Promise, building a school entirely funded by community donations at their summit to educate creatives across the world.

HoneyBook's community building platform provides networking opportunities with other vendors in your particular space or outside of what you do, notifies you with collaborations and styled shoots with other creatives in your local area, and even helps you find income producing opportunities, such as second shooting gigs for weddings. 

In Conclusion

I really hope you can see a different perspective of how powerful working through HoneyBook can be for your business.

From guiding you to a more profitable and growing business, saving you from some of your worst nightmares, to providing the strongest community that wants to see you win in your field, sign up with HoneyBook today and watch your business and life change for the better. 



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