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Instagram and Facebook are Shut Down? Here's What To Do and the Latest Update.

Instagram and Facebook forgot to pay their electric bill

If you are reading this blog, you’re probably just as frustrated, angry, or confused as the other 1 billion monthly Instagram users, as of June of 2018 and 2.32 billion monthly active users on facebook, as of December of 2018.

Twitter is looking like the “last available guy on earth” right about now.

Although, there is a lesson to be had from the Instagram and Facebook shut down. We’ve all heard it.

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

It’s a hard lesson, but nevertheless an annoying one. It’s not only people who use Instagram and Facebook for personal reasons, but there are so many businesses, creatives, and influencers that have built their entire brand solely, if not a majority on these platforms.

So, if you were wondering where you could put your other eggs in the meantime while the Facebook community figures out how who didn’t pay the electric bill, here are some majorly productive and useful tips on what to do.

A list of what to do during the shut down

  1. You know that book you always said you wanted to write, well, now you have no excuse to not be distracted

  2. Take your dog on a walk and actually pay attention to him/her. Your dog probably has been plotting on how to get rid of your accounts too.

  3. You might not have had the funds to start that cooking class, but you can start with cooking an awesome new inspired meal you’ve always wanted to try.

  4. Go listen to a podcast that will grow your mind and help build a better life. Here’s a few of my favorites (none of these are affiliate links): Smart Passive Income, How I Built This, Wow In The Word *if you have kids, Oprah’s Master Class, Self Publishing School, My Wife Quit Her Job, Money Girl, The Laity Podcast, The Bible Project, Crazy Love Podcast,

  5. Google has nothing to do with Instagram and Facebook being shut down. You can search all kinds of things such as, Cardi B trolling her fans with a prank behind the Instagram crash, how to acquire a pilot license and how to start an Airbnb business without owning any property, just to name a few.

  6. Check your credit score! It’s free online at Credit Karma. You’d be surprise how many people have no idea where they stand with their credit or even if there’s a major error negatively affecting them they need to dispute.

  7. Go take a bath. Literally, light some candles, put on your favorite relaxing music, and actually spend time with yourself. This time, without Instagram and Facebook in your face.

  8. Give your dog a bath. The Lord knows some of you haven’t washed your dog in years.

  9. Go on a hike somewhere you’ve never been before.

  10. Get that oil change you’ve been way overdue.

  11. Start writing those lyrics to that song you always said you wanted to make.

  12. Finish reading the book you got to busy for. Or check out a book I recommend if you want to make you a priority for you this year called The Captioned Mindset.

  13. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in forever, but know you should have by now. Stop feeling guilty.

  14. If you’re a creative and not using HoneyBook, please save your business and go check them out. (totally an affiliate link but worth it)

  15. Instead of keeping all of your photos in the fragile space of social media, take the steps to print out some of your photos on your computer and start a mini scrapbook.

  16. Go on Pinterest and look for a creative project to do with a wooden crate, a tire, mason jars, your bedroom, or anything, the list goes on.

  17. Go get a hair cut if you need one badly and if you don’t, do something different just for fun.

  18. Create a new playlist for something fun, special, or just a mood you haven’t created one for.

  19. Look on Google flights for the cheapest best adventure you can take spontaneously right now.

  20. Set up text message alerts of your bank accounts so that you’re not overspending. Not knowing what’s in your account is a huge red flag of not being in control of your finances. Even start a budget of just 5 areas of your life you will commit to.

  21. Call a family member you know you should have called by now. It’s never too late, until it’s too late. If your parents are crazy, then just start with a text to let them know you’re ok and you love them.

In conclusion and Update

If you felt extremely overwhelmed, outraged, or loss with what to do with your life during Instagram and Facebook’s shut down, consider it a beautiful wake up call. Your life is so much more alive and purposeful to minimize so much of it to an app.

There are plenty of things to do every day and plenty of opportunities being missed as well.

After 10 hours of the world realizing how much control over their life they’ve given to 2 companies, Instagram and Facebook are back up.

The question is, what will you change about your life from here on out?

“Your life is so much more alive and purposeful to minimize so much of it to an app.”

blog post written by myles berrio