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It's not always the case that photographers are interviewed. 

Many times we do our work, deliver an incredible experience, and have a blast working with you.

I love what I do so much, it results in me being in front of a computer or a camera about 80% of the time. 

So, to be in front of a microphone, is a pretty big deal!

What a blessing for someone to feel I'm special and cool enough to sit me down and get into the  nitty gritty, the full details, and the journey of my story. Here you can tune in and hear everything I don't get to share publicly.  

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Biz Radio U

Hosted by Adam Wozniak and Darren Parkinson

Myles Berrio was not always a photographer. From his efforts to supplement outsourcing the photography part of his marketing consulting company, photography quickly became a clear path of where his heart really lived.

Myles Berrio is now a full-time wedding and commercial photographer who’s not only invested in his craft, but in people as well. Working with companies like UberEATS as a freelancer, to destination weddings in the Dominican, the sky is the limit to where Myles will grow and experience life as a photographer. You’ll most likely see him smiling, hashtagging #veganlife, and engaging with his audience all over social media and in person.