A Safe Place For Couples Who Want To Be Themselves
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Here's why...

Why would you want to be anything else. You both fell in love with who you are to each other for a reason. Do you ever remember pretending to be someone you're not on a date? Maybe with a group of new friends? It's exhausting, it feels wrong, and you hate the feeling afterwards. That's not the kind of photography I want for my couples. That's not the kind of photos I want you to look at for the rest of your lives. You and your love don't need photos to try and compete with anyone or to compare with someone else.

You both need photos that make you smile, because you know he does that silly tongue thing that annoys you all of the time, but you fell in love with it.

You both need photos that make you tear up, because the way he's holding you is how he held you on your favorite night.

You both need photos. Real photos. Not a Pinterest album.

Let's get real. Let's have fun. Let's be ourselves and create memories you'll feel over and over again. 


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And for crying out loud! (see what I did there) Gentleman...this is a safe place for you to cry like a real man, because you love your wife. 

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Ayannah John (Bride)

I first came across Myles on The Knot a couple weeks ago. Then, the millennial in me immediately went to his Instagram to check out even more of his work, and instantly I knew he was the photographer that we needed to have for our wedding. The emotion that he captures joust seeps through his photos! We had the pleasure of finally meeting him this past weekend for our engagement shoot. Myles is truly a professional in his craft - from the lighting to the angles, knowing the perfect time of day to shoot, and truly capturing the essence of you and your loved one just being yourselves - he really knows what he is doing. The only thing I regret is the fact that we now have to wait 7 whole months until he can shoot us again for our October wedding! His personality matches his professionalism and skill, and you would be doing yourself an extreme disservice by looking elsewhere.

Vicki Reich Mother of bride Ansley

"Meeting Myles leaves you breathless as does his photography. I found Myles while searching for photographers for my daughter's wedding. When I stumbled upon his site and viewed his work, I laughed, I cried and I felt as if I had known the couple I was looking at all my life even though I'd never seen them before. I called my daughter and said, this is what I want for you. I want people to view your photographs and feel as if they were there and truly relive those moments.  
We set up an initial phone call and then an in person meeting. We made a friend for life. Myles is energy and light and joy and he brings that out in you. His work is amazing and he becomes part of the party. EVERY ONE loved him. We received so many complements from our guests about the photographer.  
Myles is a gem! You cannot go wrong with him!!!"

Katherine (bride - Dominican Republic)

"November 25, 2018 my husband and I got married on the island of Dominican Republic in the province of Samana. Having met and worked with Myles months before our wedding day was an experience that I will never forget. Not only is he our life long friend now but his passion for capturing your special moments shines through his work. He helped us plan ahead, was flexible and also the most dependable photographer I've ever met. Our wedding date was moved due to hurricane season in 2017! We now have photographs that will last a lifetime to share with our family and friends. Thank you Myles Berrio Photography!!!"

Bethany (bride)

"I know this sounds completely cliche, but if I could give Myles more than five stars, I totally would because he was that great! 

Myles is extremely professional, talented, listens to what you want stylistically for your photos and if you're not exactly sure (like I was), he'll take his time to help you figure it out. 

So, my husband isn't really a fan of taking pictures, but after working with Myles, he told me how much fun he had working with him as a photographer. And when we received our final photos, my husband and I were both blown away with how perfectly he captured our personalities and overall, delivered absolutely stunning pictures.

Seriously, if you're looking for someone to capture your engagement, wedding, anniversary or anything in between, Myles IS YOUR GUY! 

We're looking forward to working with Myles again!"

Kaylyn (bride)

"Myles is the type of person that you want around on your wedding day - not just because this guy is a *TOP* notch photographer and knows exactly what he's doing, but he's extremely personable, keeps a smile on your face the ENTIRE time you're around him and the entire day you feel at ease that this guy knows what he's doing and you're confident he's going to do it well. Myles is one of the nicest guys I've ever met and made our wedding day memorable not only through pictures but through the entire experience we had with him! If you're lucky enough to have him capture your engagement pictures too, you won't regret it. This guy has a unique vision for each couple and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera! I still stare at our engagement "picnic in the woods" pictures taken over a year and a half ago alongside our recent wedding photos from Myles. I could go on and on about him but it's just safe to say I would recommend Myles twenty times over. Trust me, hiring this guy is something you will NEVER regret!! Thank you for everything! Xoxo"

Hadley Coulton (bride)

How do you write about someone who is so good at everything they do and everything they say!? Myles is an angel. He has been so genuinely excited to “work” with us ever since we booked him for our engagement photos back in February. I have never seen someone pour their heart into everything they do the way Myles does. I don’t even have my wedding pics back yet since it’s only been a week, but I’m already obsessed. The way Myles was running around on our wedding day just out of pure excitement truly helped make our day so special. My guests are still telling me how much they loved that Myles laughed, cried, and was so excited with every moment that passed on our wedding day. He felt like one of our best friends that was just there with a camera. That is so hard to find these days. He had never been to our venue before our wedding either, and he made it a point to go out of his way to find cool places that we wouldn’t even think to shoot at.

Myles, I can never thank you enough for all that you have done for Jack and I. You have easily become one of our favorite people during this season of life. I can’t wait to see our pics because I already know they will be epic. Thank you for being YOU and loving every second of it. Thank you for your creativity and always thinking outside the box. This is just the beginning my friend :)


I Proposed to My Girlfriend Denise and Took Some Behind the Scenes Footage

Video shot by @theicekitchenmedia // photos by Elicia Bryan @eliciabryan

Probably the most nerve-wracking, scary, fun and beautiful experience I have had to date. Proposing to my girlfriend was not an easy task. Over 300 candles, dog-sitting our puppy on the road with me while preparing for the proposal, and a ton of spontaneous coordination buying the ring, having a videographer and a photographer all on one day.

Hope you can enjoy a quick video of my silliness and behind the scenes before popping the question myself as a full-time wedding photographer.

If you want to see a few pictures from the actual proposal click here!