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Bethany & Alan

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It's not always 

so easy to photograph a couple. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm naturally a fun and silly person and create the environment for couples to be themselves, get weird, laugh until they cry and kiss until their lips hurt. This time, I would be lying if I tried to take the credit. I don't know if I've met a happier, funnier, more in love couple than Bethany and Alan. From the minute we met up to the second we drove away, they were full of energy, life, and laughter. Of course, I also have to touch on their interracial-beautiful love for each other. These two are more than an example for the hope of the future of our world culturally, but they're an example of how I want to live life with my lover. Pure, selfless, free, and full of joy. Thank you two for allowing me be a part of a one of a kind love.